The Casinos of Kenya website is developed and maintained by the Association of Gaming Operators of Kenya.

About AGOK

An informal meeting of a few casino operators was held on 13th June 2003 at the Mayfair Hotel, Nairobi. It was at this meeting that the idea of forming an association for all the operators in the country was floated by a prominent operator. The idea was supported overwhelmingly. Indeed it was observed during the above meeting that while the Casino industry has been in existence in Kenya since around 1969, no formal forum existed to champion its interest despite the fact that the industry has made substantial positive contribution towards the development of the country in terms of employment and taxes.

A more formal meeting was held on 19th November 2003 and three (3) committees were formed. These were:-

  • Legal (representation, constitution writing and registration)
  • Finance
  • Public relations

The immense effort of these three committees culminated in the registration of the Association of Gaming Operators – Kenya (AGOK) by the registrar of societies on 1st March 2005 (Certificate of Registration No. – 24442). The gaming industry in Kenya is regulated by CHAPTER 131 of the laws of Kenya (The Betting, lotteries and Gaming act) and the regulator is the BCLB (Betting, Control and Licensing Board)

The Association is run by an executive committee with a chairman. The officials comprise the Chairman, Board Secretary, Treasurer and the Chief Executive Officer. Additionally, there are 3 sub-committees namely the Legal, Image and Publicity and the Finance subcommittees.

Quarterly subscriptions by members form the major source of funds for the Association. In addition to this, members do make donations to fund specific projects on a case-by-case basis.

Contribution to the Kenyan economy
The casino sector contributes over Kshs. 300 million in taxes annually and employs more than 4000 persons.

Our Vision
We are a responsive and proactive gaming association in terms of representation and lobbying for its members while maintaining the highest ethical standards in East and Central Africa.

Mission Statement
To promote a profitable and viable gaming industry in Kenya, that also provides direct benefit to society.